Quality Learning

The teachers and staff at St. Nicholas Catholic School work hard to create a caring, Christian environment that is conducive to learning for all individuals, regardless of learning styles.  Through continuous research, professional development, varied means of assessment, and other instructional methodology, the staff provides opportunities for students to have ownership in their learning and is well equipped to maximize learning for all students.

Quality Teachers

The staff of St. Nicholas knows that quality education starts with quality teachers that are held to high standards. In accordance with state and diocesan standards, all head teachers at the school have the following credentials:

  • a valid teaching certificate,
  • clear a state/federal background check,
  •  complete the Safe Environment Workshop
  •  participate in ongoing professional development. 

Working Together

Working together as partners, the school encourages open communication and collaboration with parents. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers and staff members with any questions or concerns.

Every effort is made to keep families informed about events and happenings in the school. Classroom webpages, website, Facebook and TEXT??? are used to communicate with families.

Quality Curriculum

St. Nicholas Catholic School offers students a rigorous and diverse curriculum. Learning objectives are based on State and Diocesan standards.

Core Curriculum                      Enrichment Curriculum

Religion                                   Music

Science                                    Spanish

Mathematics                            Library

Language Arts                         PE

Social Studies

Learning Styles and Technology

The staff at St. Nicholas recognizes that there are many different learning styles.  Through the use of small group instruction, leveling, and technology, teachers are able to differentiate instruction to meet the individual learning styles.

With the use of 1:1 devices, teachers encourage students to become active, creative learners, who collaborate together to apply learning concepts.


At St. Nicholas Catholic School, we worship together as a community, sharing daily prayer, student led weekly Mass and other seasonal devotional activities. Religion classes are designed to foster a deep understanding of Catholic doctrine, however students of all faiths are warmly welcomed and encouraged to share the insights and traditions of their own faith.

We practice our faith through: 

  • Weekly school Mass
  • Seasonal Traditions: Advent, Lent, Easter, Christmas & Marian celebrations
  • Retreats
  • Sacrament prep at 2nd grade
  • Daily religion class
  • Faith infused into all subjects
  • Daily prayer and reflection
  • School-wide and personal opportunities for service

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