About Us

About Us

Linking Christian Values with Academics since 1958

Established in 1958, St. Nicholas Catholic School started with Fr. McNeill as pastor and the Benedictine Order as the teachers. The charism, or philosophy, was "prayer, work and hospitality." One hundred students were enrolled that year in First through Fourth Grades. Grades were added and in 1961, the school graduated its first Eighth Grade class with 24 students. Today we offer Preschool through Sixth Grade and our Student Learning Expectations (SLEs) are Faith, Learning and Service.

Our Mission

The purpose of our school is to help families bring their children closer to Christ by providing the children with an excellent integrated religious, academic, and social education in order that they may develop a Christian attitude, a solid work ethic, and respect for themselves and their community.

Accreditation and Academics

St. Nicholas is the only accredited parochial school in the Mini-Cassia area. We are accredited through the Western Catholic Education Association. State guidelines and testing are used for each major curriculum area. We have a library and computer lab on site. Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Music, Computers, and Religion are all taught in addition to regular curriculum.


St. Nicholas believes in developing a student's accountability. To help this, students in First through Sixth Grades can expect daily homework. Homework assignments are due the following morning at the beginning of the school day. Parents are notified via a pink "Parent Notification for Homework" if an assignment is missing. The school recognizes that homework may occasionally be missed or forgotten. A student is allowed two notifications (for homework or behavior) before missing the monthly Citation Free Activity.


Our discipline is based on "What Would Jesus Do?" Students are expected to conduct themselves in a Christian manner and follow school rules while on school property and at school functions off-site. Discipline starts with a warning and progresses to timeouts and notifications to parents. Notifications can be "Parent Notifications for Behavior" or more serious offenses may warrant a Citation. As part of the corrective action, students may be asked to read a Bible verse and reflect on it to improve their awareness of living as the Bible says. Students receiving a Citation or three Parent Notifications (for behavior or homework) will miss the monthly Citation Free Activity.

Preschool and Pre-K

In Preschool and Pre-K we work to prepare your child socially and academically for school. Our Christian-based curriculum includes colors, shapes, letters, sight words, letter sounds, syllables and numbers with creative games, crafts, activities and song.

Kindergarten through Sixth Grades

Our Kindergarten through Sixth Grades offer a balanced curriculum of Reading and Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion, and Music. First through Sixth Grades also have Computer class in the lab and each classroom is outfitted with computers and iPads in each classroom. The school has a Title 1 tutor to help struggling students and is able to vary assignments to challenge the advanced students. Students have access to the school's library and take Accelerated Reader tests. Students are taught the importance of service and perform class service projects. The older students can participate in extra-curricular activities such as the Mime Troupe and the Half Notes singing choir. Please see our Beyond Academics page for more information.


Our staff of certified teachers work to serve the needs of each student and our classroom sizes are small and more intimate. Classes provide a Christian, family atmosphere where children grow and learn as a team who care for one another as individuals.


Aftercare is offered daily from 12:00 to 5:30 for students in Preschool through Fifth Grade. Homework Club is supervised work time and available from 3:00 to 3:30 for Second through Sixth Graders who would normally be in Aftercare during that time.  Please see the Tuition Schedule for the Aftercare rate.


St. Nicholas Students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grades wear uniforms. The tops are red, white, or navy blue polo-style collared shirts. The bottoms can be navy blue or khaki pants, capris, or appropriate length dresses, skirts or shorts.  Please see our full Dress Code under Quick Links on this page for further explanation.


St. Nicholas has a full cafeteria offering lunch. We offer free and reduced lunches to those who qualify. Students sit at Family Tables during lunch with an assigned Table Leader who takes on a leadership role and serves as a behavior model and helper to younger students.

Relationship with Minidoka County School District Services

St. Nicholas enjoys a close working relationship with the Minidoka County School District that provides busing for students as well as speech therapy and other special services offered through the district. Students living outside Minidoka County may pick up a bus to St. Nicholas at any Minidoka County School. To find your child's bus route please contact Minidoka County School Transportation 208-436-3311.


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