Student Life

Schools Days at St. Nicholas

Every Day

The school day begins each morning at 8:10 with an all school gathering called Morning Opening. It includes reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, 

Student Learning Expectations (SLE) Pledge, Prayer, Christian song and announcements. Each grade takes a turn to lead the opening. Parents are often present and are welcome to participate. After Morning Opening a Fifth and/or Sixth Grader raises the American flag in front of our school.

Lunch is from 11:15 to 12:00. Preschoolers are welcome to stay for lunch. Preschoolers picked up by 12:15 are not charged for Aftercare. Students sit at Family Tables during lunch with an assigned student Table Helper who takes on a leadership role and serves as a behavior model and helper to younger students.

Aftercare is offered daily from 12:00 to 5:30 for students in Preschool through Sixth Grade. See Tuition Schedule for current rates.

Homework Club is supervised work time and available to Second through Sixth Graders from 3:00 to 3:30 for students who would normally be in Aftercare. All students in Homework Club are charged at the Aftercare rate.


St. Nicholas Students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade wear uniforms. The tops are red, white, or navy blue polo-style collared shirts. The bottoms can be navy blue or khaki pants, capris, or appropriate length dresses, skirts or shorts. Students must wear socks - solid red, white, or blue. Please read our full Dress Code for complete information. Our uniforms are available at JCPenney, French Toast, and Old Navy. To see an example of acceptable styles and colors visit use source QS5BGBV.

Once a Week

Each Wednesday morning Kindergarten through Sixth Grades gather together at the Weekly Opening to discuss the Virtue of the Week, Weekly Events and how they relate to our SLEs (Student Learning Expectations) of Faith, Learning and Service.

Wednesday is School Spirit Day meaning students wear their Red uniform shirt and all students Kindergarten through Sixth attend Mass at 8:40. Parents often attend and are always welcome.  Please refer to the Dress Code for proper mass attire.

Friday is our "Popsicle Day."  Students may purchase a popsicle for 50 cents during lunch. Proceeds from the popsicle sales are put into classroom accounts for teachers to purchase art projects, books for class libraries, and classroom decorations.

Computers, Music and P.E. are scheduled once a week for all students Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.

"Fridays with Father" is a special time on Friday mornings when Father Gabriel visits informally with Second through Sixth Grade students to guide faith discussions and answer questions.

Once a Month

Once a month Preschool joins the Monday gathering to recognize birthdays and Students of the Month. Students celebrating their birthday have the honor of sitting at a Birthday Table during lunch and can choose a prize from the Principal's Treasure Chest. Students of the Month get to eat with the Principal at the Principal's Round Table and discuss fun topics.

Typically the last Friday of each month students may choose to not wear their uniform and enjoy a Free Dress Day for a $1 donation. This donation goes towards our copy paper supply or to the St. Nicholas Church Food Room. See the Family Handbook for free dress guidelines on Free Dress Day. On this same day those students who have not received a Citation for the month or have not received three Parent Notifications for Behavior and/or Homework are rewarded with a Citation Free Activity.

Every Trimester

At the beginning of every Trimester we recognize students with Perfect Attendance and for Third through Sixth Grade students those earning a Merit Award (all As and Bs) or Honor Roll (all As) during Monday Opening.


St. Nicholas believes in developing a student's accountability. To help this, students in First through Sixth Grades can expect daily homework. Homework assignments are due the following morning at the beginning of the school day. Parents are notified via a pink "Parent Notification for Homework" if an assignment is missing. The school recognizes that homework may occasionally be missed or forgotten. A student is allowed two notifications (for homework or behavior) before missing the monthly Citation Free Activity.


Our discipline is based on "What Would Jesus Do?" Students are expected to conduct themselves in a Christian manner and follow school rules while on school property and at school functions off-site. Discipline starts with a warning and progresses to timeouts and notifications to parents. Notifications can be "Parent Notifications for Behavior" or more serious offenses may warrant a Citation. As part of the corrective action, students may be asked to read a Bible verse and reflect on it to improve their awareness of living as Jesus taught. Students receiving a Citation or three Parent Notifications (for behavior or homework) will miss the monthly Citation Free Activity.

Want to Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about our Extra-Curricular activities, please visit Beyond Academics.

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