Second Grade - Mrs. Packham


Here we are at the end of school.  We have done lots of learning and everyone has become a better reader and has more math skills.  These last two weeks are full of fun and we still have some learning to do.  Here are some things to be aware of:

Monday is the awards assembly.  We will be getting jog-a-long awards as well as school awards.  It begins at 1:30.  

Tuesday and Wednesday we will have some regular school along with working on our play.  HOPEFULLY YOU KNOW BY NOW THAT OUR PLAY IS TUESDAY, MAY 24 AT 2:00 PM IN THE SCHOOL LUNCHROOM.  WE HAVE WORKED HARD AND ARE ANXIOUS FOR YOU TO SEE WHAT WE CAN DO.  (Also we will be making ice cream for you as a treat to end the performance and the day).  PLEASE COME.

Thursday is Mass

Friday is Field Day.  Our time in the park is from 11:30 to 1:00.  We will walk down to the park with our sack lunches before hand to eat there as well.  What a great way to end the week.  After that we will be watching the Winn Dixie Movie since we have read the book in class.

There is READING homework this week, but NO MATH homework   .So keep reading till the end of schoiol and BEYOND-hopefully all summer.

Thanks for all you do!

Mrs. Packham



Monday:                Reading - Fluency Sheet (No matter what, read for a total of 20 minutes)

Tuesday:                Reading -  Fluency Sheet (No matter what, read for a total of 20 minutes)

Wednesday            Reading - Fluency Sheet (No matter what, read for a total of 20 minutes)\ 

Thursday                Reading - Fluency Sheet (No matter what read for a total of 20 minutes)



The fluency sheet will be read for more than 1 day and at times may be read each night for an entire week.  To get the 20 minutes, the student will probably need to read more than the fluency sheet twice.

Any question about reading?  Please refer to the documents below - All About Second Grade.  Instructions are included.




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