Second Grade - Mrs. Packham

Second Grade - Mrs. Packham

Thank you for coming to Parent Teacher Conferences last week.  I really enjoyed visiting with you about your children.  Thank you for your support for them and for the school.  You are amazing!

This week is a full week of school.  For sure we will be in learning mode.  Our story this week is Corduroy, a favorite children's story.

On Tuesday we are walking over to the Rupert Police Department for a field trip to learn about our Community.  Thank you to those who give time to go with us!

This Friday is the PTC Carnival.  Hopefully you are all planning to come and enjoy.  Danielle Garcia (208-312-5757) is still looking for a few more volunteers to man the activities.  The hours go toward your service hours, so give her a call if you can.

Our All Hallows Eve class/school party is the end of the month.  Be thinking about your costume for the parade.  Remember the consumes cannot be scarey or evil.  Check the family handbook if you have any questions.  ALSO, it is always nice to have parents help with the activities in the classroom afterward.  If you have a game or activitiy you would like to bring, or if you love to plan parties, give me a call.  The kids so enjoy having their parents involved in the parties!

This Friday I will be making the book order, so let me know if you want to place an order.

Please keep our second grade students reading.  And be sure to take AR tests on the book read (that's reading too).

Thanks for all you do.  Please enjoy your week and God Bless You.

Mrs. Packham



Monday:  We will take an assessment in class.  Homework will be math facts.  Read for 20 minutes (no fluency booklet).  Fill out the graphic organizer on Faith.  This is the first of our SLE papers.

Tuesday:  Math Lesson 16.  Read for 20 minutes (Fluency booklet 16 - Just a Phase for Phil).  Language Arts - workbook pages 77 & 78

Wednesday:  Math lesson 18.  Read for 20 minutes (Fluency booklet 16 - Just a Phase for Phil).  Spelling - workbook pages 73 & 74

Thursday:  Math lesson 19.  Read for 20 minutes (Fluency booklet 16 - Just a Phase for Phil).  Publish our Faith Paper.  (This paper is kept in the school and will need to be done WELL.  The children will need to rewrite if it is done incorrectly or the writing is sloppy.)




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