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Last week was great.  We worked hard.  We read alot.  We made and launched rockets.  All in all we had fun.

Our second grade students are organized into reading groups now.  So if your student is in Mrs. Iturra's reading group, you will need to check her webpage for any additional homework assigned or assessments being given.

For your information -- Students are encouraged to practice what we are learning in math on their homework, and also could be working on a website - ZEARN - at home.  It is listed at the bottom of my page and your student should know their password, ect to get in.  Extra time working on this website can help to solidify what we are learning in school.  Also we are diligently working on addition facts.  So any practice with addition facts is GREAT as well.

The gala is this coming Saturday.  Thank you for your help selling tickets.  The school depends on this fund raiser to run St. Nicholas.  Our gala project is complete and we are excited to show it to you.  Please stop by to see it, and hopefully join me at the gala.    

Again if you have questions or concerns please let me know.  Thanks for all you do.  God Bless You.  Mrs. Packham



Monday:                Math - Module 2 Lesson 10

                              Reading - Fluency Sheet (Read for a total of 20 minutes)

Tuesday:                Math - Module 3 Lesson 1        

                             Reading -  Fluency Sheet (Read for a total of 20 minutes) 

Wednesday:        Math - Module 3 Lesson 2

                            Reading -Fluency Sheet (Read for a total of 20 minutes)

Thursday:            Math -  Module 3 Lesson 3

                            Reading - Fluency Sheet (Read for a total of 20 minutes)

The fluency sheet will be read for more than 1 day and at times may be read each night for an entire week.  To get the 20 minutes, the student will probably need to read more than the fluency sheet twice.

Any question about reading?  Please refer to the documents below - All About Second Grade.  Instructions are included.




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