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Here we are -- the last week of January.  Next week we celebrate National Catholic School's Week.  You should have received a list of activities your student will be involved in.  Be sure to take a look to make sure you are aware.  Next Friday will be the carnival.  It is after school, so be sure to put that on your calendar.  It should be super fun.

This week we have a math test on Tuesday and regular school for the rest of the week.  Our focus for second grade to read, read, read.  So please make sure reading takes place every day.  Reading is the most important thing you can do with your second grader this year.

Remember to take advantage of Zearn and Reflex at home.  They are great ways to bolster math learning.  

Just a reminder.  I will be making a scholastic book order on Monday, January 31.  

Thanks for all you do!   

God Bless You

Mrs. Packham



Monday:                Math - Module 5 Lesson 12

                              Reading - Fluency Sheet (Read for a total of 20 minutes)

Tuesday:                Math - No homework - Math Test

                             Reading -  Fluency Sheet (Read for a total of 20 minutes) 

Wednesday:          Math - Module 5 Lesson 13

                              Reading - Fluency Sheet (Read for a total of 20 minutes)

Thursday:              Math - Module 5 Lesson 14

                              Reading - Fluency Sheet (Read for a total of 20 minutes)



The fluency sheet will be read for more than 1 day and at times may be read each night for an entire week.  To get the 20 minutes, the student will probably need to read more than the fluency sheet twice.

Any question about reading?  Please refer to the documents below - All About Second Grade.  Instructions are included.




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