Second Grade - Mrs. Packham


AGAIN, despite a new week, I find that much of what I need to tell you I told you last week.  So if it seems like a repeat, you are probably right.

This week we are doing a poetry unit.  Consequently we will not be studying spelling and there will be no testing on Friday.

We host and read Stations of the Cross today, Monday March 1.  Hope you are able to attend with us.

I sent  home  paperwork to help us get ready for First Communion a couple of weeks ago.  If you did not receive one, and would like your child to recieve first communion, please let me know and I will get the information to you.  If you received a paper, please fill it out and return it to me as soon as possible.  Thank You.

We will be having a Rainbow Day on March 11.  This is a day when each child will invite a parent or other adult to spend the morning 8:15 - 10:30 with them in school.  We will need to do this in the lunchroom to be able to spread out.  Watch for an invitation in the near future.  Please be planning to attend or please find a grandparent or friend to take your place.  Each child will need to have someone with them for that morning.  I will be asking for an RSVP sometime this week.

Tuesday is Dr. Seuss Day.  If you would still like to be a guest reader, please let me know.  We can still squeeze you in.

The last book order was sent last week.  It must be coming by pony express for it is much slower than usual.  Hopefully we will see it this week.  The new book order will be made on Friday.

Thanks again for all you do!  It is much appreciated.

Please KEEP READING.  It makes a big difference.  Read, Read, Read.

Hope you have a blessed week.  

God Bless You,

Mrs. Packham



Monday:    Math Homework - Test, No Homework

                  Reading Log - 20 minutes with fluency

Tuesday:   Math Homework  - Module 6 Lesson 17

               Reading Log -- 20 minutes with fluency

Wednesday:   Math Homework - Module 6 Lesson 18

                       Reading Log - 20 minutes 

Thursday:  Math Homework - Module 6 Lesson 19

                  Reading Log - 20 minutes



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