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Virtue: Cooperation

Weekly News

MONDAY:  Reading Homework, Spelling Homework

TUESDAY:  Reading Homework

WEDNESDAY: Safe Environment Class at 2:00, Social Studies Field Trip @ 2:00, Reading Homework

THURSDAY:  No Mass (Rosary in Class), Reading Homework

FRIDAY: Spirit Shirt Day, Spelling/Reading/Vocabulary Test, No Homework

Please refer to the information below for all events happening in my classroom this week. You can get an overview of what we are learning in Math by viewing the document "Family Math" under Classroom Documents. Spelling words for the week can also be found there. For any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via email or Remind texts. 

Safe Environment: St. Nicholas School will offer a Safe Environment Training on Thursday,September 27 th at 2:00 in the hall. If you would like to volunteer in the school throughout the year, you are required to attend one in person training. Thank you!

Social Studies Field Trip: Our students are currently learning about different jobs in our community through Social Studies. As part of our lessons, we will be visiting a local business (walking distance so we do not need transportation). We will be doing this for the approximately the next 4 weeks and I will make sure to add the date on my calendar so that everyone has a heads up and can plan for it. This past week, we had a very last minute reschedule and visited the Police Station. I apologize for not providing everyone with a heads up. This upcoming week, we will be visiting the U.S. Bank on the Rupert Square. We start walking to our destination at 1:50 and do not return to the school until 3. I ask that if you need your student to leave school during our field trip, that your please pick them up before we go to the field trip. 

Let’s have a FABULOUS week!

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