Kindergarten - Mrs. Knopp/Mrs. Ball/Kaylee

Kindergarten - Mrs. Knopp, Mrs. Ball, & Kaylee


Week of 10/21-10/25

  • We are going to the pumpkin patch on Thursday. Students may wear jeans with uniform tops. Please make sure they have appropriate shoes and coats to walk through the field. 
  • Students may wear St.Nicholas spirit shirts and jeans on Friday if they bring in canned/boxed food.

Letter: L

Sight Words: me, no, be, is

Virtue: determination


Red Ribbon Week

A red calendar was sent home about the different activities through the week. In case you missed it:

10/21: Students can wear crazy socks and a hat.

10/22: Students can wear plaid shirts and jeans (no pajamas). 

10/23: Students still need to wear red, but can wear sun glasses.

10/24: Students may wear team gear, jerseys, hats, etc., and jeans.

10/25: If students bring canned/boxed food, they can wear St.Nicholas spirit wear and jeans.

10/28: Students may wear sweat pants and sweat shirts.

10/29: Students need to wear normal uniforms. Some different activites are planned for this day.

Current Sight Words:

  1. red
  2. blue
  3. green
  4. yellow
  5. orange
  6. purple
  7. a
  8. brown
  9. black
  10. and
  11. the
  12. had
  13. mom
  14. dad
  15. go
  16. gray
  17. white
  18. he
  19. I
  20. see
  21. has
  22. you
  23. pink 
  24. we
  25. on
  26. me
  27. no
  28. be
  29. is


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Maren Knopp
Kindergarten, P.E. Teacher

Kim Ball
Kindergarten Teacher
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