Fourth Grade - Mrs. Arroyo

The week of February 27th- March 3rd


Things to know for this week: 
Tuesday- We are going to a play at Minico High School from 8:15-11:00
Wednesday-  We will have confessions for our Catholic kids.
Thursday-  We are hosting Mass, please practice at home if your student has a part.
Friday- Spelling Test


Spelling Words: 

Orange Group: voices, noise, coin, loyal, mound, south, pound, hound, pouch, thousand, wound, grouch, cloud, cowboy, flower, tower, gown, frown, howl, brown

Blue Group: noises, voices, rejoice, annoy, destroy, voyage, mound, south, pound, hound, pouch, thousand, wound, grouch, cowboy, gown, frown, howling, flower, tower

Green Group: void, hardboiled, rejoice, annoyance, destroy, voyage, mound, trouser, encounter, announce, thousand, wound, grouch, southpaw, nowadays, downtown, cowboy, prowl, empower, howling

Vocab Words-  









Math-  We have a mid-module assessment on Monday, then we will continue studying angles; specifially angle measurements and symbols.

Social Studies- We are studying fur trappers and the Oregon Trail

Writing-  We are working on parts of speech and expository writing

Homework- Unfinished work





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