Fourth Grade - Mrs. Arroyo

Things to know for the week of November 28th- December 2nd

Things to know for this week: 

No Mass this week.  Father is spending time with his family in Mexico. 


Spelling Words: 

Orange group:  person, herb, perfect, serve, worse, learn, pearl, dirty, birth, shirt, twirl, third, purse, curl, nurse, purr, hurl, turkey, turns, surf

Blue Group: herb, person, sternly, serpent, worse, pearl, dirty, birth, shirt, twirl, swirl, purse, curl, curve, curb, hurl, turkey, turnip, purpose, blurred

Green Group:  permit, emergency, herbs, sternly, serpent, superbly, pearl, swirl, whirlwind, birthmark, squirming, purse, curved, curbed, further, hurl, turkey, turnip, purpose, blurred

Vocab Words-  

assigned- given as a task

generosity- is a willingness and happiness to share in an unselfish way.

gingerly- to do something carefully or with extreme caution

mature-  is to show the qualities of being an adult.

organizations-  are groups of people who join together for a purpose.

residents- are the people who live in a particular place.

scattered- is to be spread or thrown about.

selective- to be careful when making a choice.

Math-  We are starting on lesson 21 this week.  We are using area models and long division to help us divide.  We will then be working on prime numbers and finding factors.

Science-  We will be studying "The Human Machine."

Social Studies-  We are learning about Lewis and Clark

Writing-  We are working on Expository writing and getting information from sources.

Homework- Studying vocab words, studying spelling, unfinished work as needed.





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