First Grade - Mrs. Portillo

First Grade - Mrs. Portillo

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! We are three weeks away from Christmas break, this means our schedule is going to very full with lots of learning and holiday fun. I know that many families like to leave on vacation for the holidays but I would like to encourage you to try to limit the amount absences. They are learning so much every day I would hate for them to miss out and fall behind. With such a busy schedule I will send out updates and reminders for things that may not be posted on the website. Please as always please let me if you have any questions.


Virtue of the week: courtesy



Reading-  Each student is required to read at least 20 min a night and record it on their reading log ( the kids are working at filling a reading chart in class for every book read.)  Reading practice is one of the best way to help your student be a successful reader. If you have an concerns or questions regarding the reading please let me know. High Frequency words: I will send an updated list monthly of the words we have covered so far this year. Please practice these words as much as possible, this will help with your childs fluency. practice, practice and more practice.

Math Homework- Students will only take math homework home when they are struggling with the lesson. If they show proficiency on their own, in class, they will not be assigned homework. If they show they are struggling, I would like them to spend no longer than 20 minutes on their homework. If they do not complete their homework in 20 minutes, that is okay. This shows me where their trouble area is. 

Spelling words-I sent home each students spelling words taped to the inside of their folders. You may notice it titled either orange group, blue group, and green group spelling. This is a way for me to have differentiated work based on each students abilities. Spelling test will still happen on Fridays and your student will be tested according to the list that I sent home on Monday. 

Please make sure to be sending the homework folders back every day so I can fill them with their daily work and their homework. I will also be checking reading logs and for homework daily in class. These folders also really help the students not have a wild mess of loose papers in their backpacks. 


Spelling Words: 

Orange Group- catch, chin, graph, whale, by, place, walk, many

Blue Group- whip, whale, catch, match, chin, graph, shop, with, many, around, place, by,  walk

Green Group- whip, whale, catch, match, chin, graph, shop, with, many, around, place, by, walk, chop, plane 


High Frequency Words: read it, write it, and spell it.

1.around         The top spins around.

2. by                 I sat by Chad at lunch.

3. many            Many kids like to run.

4. place           This is a good place to sit.

5. walk             Walk with me.



  • Reminder on dress code, shirts are always supposed to be tucked in. Socks, legging and tights need to be white, blue or red. 


  • On Tuesday I will be sending a paper in each student folder with an invite to seesaw. This is the porgram we are using to do their math work. Please scan the QR code and create a family account for your child using the instuctions provided. If you have questions please let me know. 


  • Jackets/ gloves/ hats: As the days get colder, please make sure you are sending your student to school with a warm jacket/gloves/hats. If they only have a thin sweater, they will not be able to stay outside if it is too cold. We ask that you please write their name inside their jacket so that our Lost and Found pile does not become a tower. We also ask that you check our Lost and Found pile at the entrance of the school to make sure your student has not lost anything. 


This week’s events:

Math homework will be assigned, as needed, to students who need a little extra practice. 

Monday- Reading Homework and spelling practice

Tuesday-  Reading Homework and spelling practice

Wednesday- Reading Homework and spelling practice

Thursday- Mass (Please be sure to wear red.)  Reading homework and spelling practice

Friday-  Spelling test and end of week reading quiz. Reading Homework (no busses)



Annual Christmas Program- December 7th at Minico High School at 6:30 p.m. 


Christmas break December 19th-January 2nd school will resume January 3rd.


That’s all for this 14th week of school! As always please let me know if you have any questions.

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