First Grade - Mrs. Cofer

First Grade - Mrs. Cofer and Mrs. Knopp

First Grade News for the Week November 16 - 20:

We will have Mass on Wednesday, please wear red. Report Cards will come home in homework folders on Thursday. Please review the report card and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. There is no bussing on Friday. We will be out the entire week of Thanksgiving...enjoy your holiday! Please send in a refillable water bottle your child may leave at school to use.

Read and study these Sight Words: about, after, an, any, are, around, ask, away.

In Language Arts we will review words with the /sh/ sound spelled sh as in push, /ch/ and /tch/ sound spelled ch as in lunch and tch as in catch, and /th/ sounds spelled th as in thin and tooth. In addition we will practice identifying, reading and writing words with the /or/ sound spelled or and ore as in storm and store; /ar/ spelled ar as in jar; /m/ spelled m as in jam and mb as in lamb.

Book reports will be due on Friday. Please read nightly and take AR tests on each book read. AR testing is not optional homework, it is expected to be completed so please help your child log on and meet their goals.

In Math we will have homework nightly and practice solving addition problems when one addend is 9. Our goal is to first find the 'ten' in the problem to help us solve. (9 + 1 = 10) Then we will practice solving addition problems when one addend is 8, first finding the 'ten' to help us solve (8 + 2 = 10). We will practice the RDW process (Read, Draw and Write) to solve math problems. Please don't let your child skip the drawing part of the process, it is important to help them "see" the solution. 

Thank you,

Mrs. Cofer and Mrs. Knopp

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