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5th and 6th Grades

Classroom News

October 18 - October 22

  Hello Everyone.  This week we will only be in class for 3 days.  On Thursday and Friday of this week we will be having parent-teacher conferences.  Most of you have returned the sheet of paper with the time and date you will be able to make it.  A few of you have not returned the paper.  Please do so by Wednesday, so I will know what time and what day you are planning.  There will be NO spelling and vocabulary this week.


This is where I will be posting upcoming events and general information.  If there is something special or last minute, I will send out an email, so please make sure you have the correct e-mail address with the office.


21st - No School - Teacher workday/parent-teacher conference

22nd - No School - Parent/Teacher Conference.

25th - Red Ribbon Week

29th - 1:45 - Put on Costumes

           2:00 - Class Party

           2:30 - Halloween Parade

I pray that everyone has a safe and happy week, please remember to keep our school and our class in your prayers.


Mrs. Charles























































































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