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Friday, February 22, 2019

For New and Returning Families:

St. Nicholas Catholic School has an alert system in case of an emergency. Our school has an updated link, so be sure to save it in your browser. We will be using this alert system to communicate events such as school closures, school lockdowns, natural disasters, and any other type of major emergencies that require parent notification. When a message is sent from school administrators the system will contact you immediately via E-Mail, Phone, and/or Text Message depending on how you set it up.

For NEW Families only: There is a one-time $5.00 set up fee per family that will be added to your October statement unless you already paid at registration.

Follow these steps to set up your account:

Step 1 Please go to the school’s website:

Step 2 Select New Users “Registration.” Complete the form. Click “submit.”

Step 3 You will be receiving an email with a confirmation link.  It will state: your application will be sent for approval to the school office once you click the link.  You must click on this link to complete your application process.

Step 4 The school will review and approve your application.  You will receive an email stating that you have been approved and “Welcome to School Yard.”  This could take up to a full business day.

All information is kept private and will not be released to any third parties.

It is your responsibility to keep the information in schoolyard current.

Returning families: Please review your information to make sure everything is still current. 

Please go to the school website as well and register as soon as possible,

If you have any questions please contact the school office at 436-6320.