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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Gift Card Program




Gift Card Purchase Program


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St. Nicholas has partnered with local and national businesses to offer gift cards to you at no extra cost. The businesses give a varying percentage back to the school. Half of what comes back goes to the school, half goes to your child's tuition. Invite family and friends to join in and maximize your tuition savings! Families are asked to purchase a minimum of $50 per month in gift cards. Look how much you can save in just one month:


Where to Shop

How Much You Spend

What You Save on Tuition

Groceries from Albertson's $400.00 $8.00
Gas from Smith's $200.00 $5.00
Clothes from Old Navy $100.00 $4.50
Clothes from JC Penney $50.00 $1.25
Shoes from Footlocker $50.00 $2.25
Household goods from Wal-Mart $50.00 $0.50
Do-it-yourself project from Home Depot $100.00 $2.00
Trip to Blue Dane Coffee Shop $10.00 $0.50
Dinner at Stevo's $50.00 $5.00
Birthday gift from King's $20.00 $1.00

What You Save in One Month on Tuition:





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