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Thursday, March 22, 2018

First Grade - Mrs. Cofer

Classroom News

We host Stations of the Cross this week

On Thursday our class hosts Stations of the Cross at the church at 10:55 am. Some students will be reading parts, others will be cross bearers as we pray. Parents and guests are always welcome to join us. Stations of the Cross is approximately 15-20 minutes in length. 

Sea of Green Sea of Green

We were dressed for St. Patrick's day so it was a sea of green for singing at Long Term Care.

Spelling words this week (test is on Friday):

Challenge words:

Sight words to practice (no test is given but we do practice in class):

Last week until Spring Break!

Thank you to everyone who supported the Basque dinner last Saturday, it was a spectacular turn out. I was happy to be greeted by so many students also. What a fun night! This is an important fundraiser for our Parish and School. Thank you for your help in making it a success and a special thank you to the Catholic Women who spearhead the event with the help of many other women and men in our School, Parish and community. What a great group of people!

Please remember this week we are collecting Blessing Gifts. A letter was included with your student's report card. Our class is collecting soap (bar or liquid for hands or body...and small bottles of lotion). Please send these gifts in all week. We have a special box in the front of our room. We will donate the items to our Parish food room for distribution to people in need in our community. Thank you in advance for your help with this special project during Lent. Please click here to check the website calendar for other details on events this week.

In Language Arts this week we will focus on the sound /s/ spelled ce and ci_ as in since and recieve. We continue to practice the /ow/ sound spelled like shout and cow. We continue on our theme of Keep Trying and this week's literature study is on The Way of the Ant. We'll tie that in with some Science as we learn more about this amazing little insect. 

In Math we continue our work in identifying tens and ones and practice comparing two quantities and learning about what greater than and less than mean.

For Reading practice instead of small decodable books, I will be sending home two fluency sheets from our current Language Arts unit. Please help your student sound out any unfamiliar words and also please time them on their readings when instructed. Instructions are on each sheet. Please return these sheets the next day.

Thank you for all you do...Spring Break is coming in only a few days! :)

Spring FeverSpring Fever

We had to wait a few minutes before going in to sing for the long term care residents. It was a sunny day...coats flew off, next thing we know it was cart wheels, summersaults, hand stands and impromptu tag games!


Classroom Assignments

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Complete homework lesson 7, return on Thursday.

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Complete homework lesson 8, return on Friday.

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Sight Word Review worksheet

Please complete both sides of the worksheet: the w...

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Reading Fluency worksheet

Please follow the instructions on the worksheet to...

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Read NIGHTLY 20 minutes with your child

Please read nightly with your child at least 20 mi...

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Practice spelling words nightly...tests are on Friday

Please practice spelling words nightly. Ask your c...

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Grade: 1st Grade Homeroom

Education: Bachelors of Arts in Communication/English, emphasis Journalism. Master of Arts in Technical Writing. Boise State University

Favorite Bible Verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13

I am honored to have the opportunity to teach first graders at St. Nicholas School. I have been blessed by this school community in so many ways and feel so privileged and blessed to share in the growth of our students.

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