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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

First Grade - Mrs. Cofer

Classroom News

First Grade will host Mass this Week

First grade hosts Mass this week, please join us if you can on Wednesday at 8:40 am.

Thanks to all the students and parents who were able to attend our carnival last Saturday. The PTC did a fabulous job and we appreciate all the hard work that each person put in to this fun event. THANK YOU PTC! 

Coming up next is our Feel Good 5k Fun Run on September 30. I hope many of you are able to come out for this first annual event. The FUN RUN is at Riverside Park near the Chamber of Commerce office. If you were not able to sign up in advance, it's not too there at 8:30 am to register. However, signing up at that late date will not guarantee you get a t-shirt that morning but you can still join the run/walk!

In class this week, we will continue to work on new math skills, finding hidden numbers like 3 + ? = 8 and making up stories to go along with our math problems. We will also be busy writing our autobiographies! We completed our first draft last week and we'll review our edits and work on second drafts and artwork this week. In addition, we are practicing our consonant and vowel sounds...laying the groundwork to become great readers. We are blending sounds to make new words and building new words for the word wall. 

Last week we learned about maps and what maps can tell us about our world. This week we look a little deeper at our earth and the layers under our feet all the way to the core. 

We are using our iPads in class, some students are listening for initial consonant sounds and building words. Many students are also practicing sight words and math skills too. 

Several Student VIP posters came in last week and we learned a little more about each other and our families. It is really cool to find out fun facts and see what we have in common with each other...and how we are different. If you haven't finished your VIP poster, that is okay, please bring it in as soon as you can. It's fun to see how creative our students and their families are...the posters are great!

Please take AR tests at home when you can, however, there are opportunities for students to take them during class on their iPads too. 


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Grade: 1st Grade Homeroom

Education: Bachelors of Arts in Communication/English, emphasis Journalism. Master of Arts in Technical Writing. Boise State University

Favorite Bible Verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13

I am honored to have the opportunity to teach first graders at St. Nicholas School. I have been blessed by this school community in so many ways and feel so privileged and blessed to share in the growth of our students.

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