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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fifth/Sixth Grade - Mrs. Charles

Classroom News

Week of October 22, 2018 - October 26, 2018

The parent-teacher conferences were great. Thank you for coming in and talking with me about your student. 

Students are working on a book report assignment. They have been placed into groups of two. Each group has picked a president, checked out a book about the president, are finding two internet resources, and writing a two-page report. The report must contain the president's early years, the years they were in office, and the effect they had on America. The written report will be due on November 9th, and the oral presentation will be done on November 14th and 15th. 

If you have not signed up for the Seesaw app, please do so. The students have loaded their test scores from the past week onto the sight and are excited for you to see how they did.

We have Red Ribbon Week this week. I added the daily schedule for your convenience.

Monday (Oct. 22) - “I Pledge to Grow Up Safe, Healthy & Drug-Free.” -- Opening will be at the regular time where we will kick off Red Ribbon Week.  Students will create a “Wall of Pledges” banner. We will get a large white roll of paper and write across the top “I Pledge to Grow Up Safe, Healthy & Drug-Free.”  Students will sign the Pledge with their name and school, and then glue it on the banner in rows and columns. We will post the banner downstairs Monday afternoon in the Great Room.  Also, right after Morning Opening, handout the red ribbons that say, “I Believe in Me – I’m Drug-Free.”

Tuesday (Oct. 23) – “Sock it to Drugs” and “Put a Hat on Drugs” - Everyone can wear colorful, crazy socks and their favorite hat.  At the Morning Meeting, everyone can wear their hats and roll up their pants to show off their crazy socks.

Wednesday (Oct. 24) – “Wear Red Day” and “Shade Out Drugs” – Because we have Mass in the morning, students will wear their usual red, but after Mass, everyone can wear their “shades” during the day.

Thursday (Oct. 25) – “Team up Against Drugs.”   Students may wear their favorite team gear, jerseys, t-shirts, socks, hats, scarves, etc.  Minico High School football team members and cheerleaders will arrive at 12:30.  They will stay approximately an hour.   We’ll have an assembly (Kinder – 6th grade) with them where they will share a positive, drug-free message in the upper room then go out to play when they are done speaking.  Outside play with the MHS students will count as recess time for that afternoon.

Friday (Oct. 26) – “Spirit Wear Friday.”  Students may wear their St. Nicholas Catholic School “Spirit Gear and Jeans.”  After lunch, you may take the students in your class out for October “Citation Free Activity.”  Hand out the “We’re Cool – We’re a Drug-Free School” rulers to each student.

We will be having an All Hallows Eve Party on October 31st, at 1:45 pm.

Tests and Quizzes for the Week


Tuesday:  Reading Logs due.

Wednesday: News Article due.


Friday:  Spelling, Vocabulary, Math, Social Studies Test


5th Grade Spelling Word List: 5.2.2

6th Grade Spelling Word List: 6.2.2

The spelling words are in the Classroom Document section of this page, and your child will have a copy of the words. Each student has a login and can practice the words using  Please help your child study the words every night. Students also take the spelling test on Results of the test can be seen on that website. With your child's login information, you can check the test results. Paper spelling tests do not go home.

Vocabulary Words

This week the Greek/Latin word is miss, and mit.  The vocabulary words are in the Classroom Document section of this page, and your child will have a copy of the words. As with the spelling words, your child has a login and can practice the words using  Students also take the vocabulary test in Results of the test can be seen on that website. With your child's login information, you can check the test results. Paper vocabulary test does not go home.

Reading/AR Goad/Reading Log

Please encourage your child to read for enjoyment. After reading a book in their reading range, make sure that they take an AR test. Each child will receive a milkshake of their choice after every 70 points made in AR tests.

I will not be collecting the Reading log this week. It will always be listed in the Homework section. A blank copy of the log is in the Document Section for your convenience.


Math assignments are always posted in the Homework section of this web page. Assignments are randomly selected for grading. Those grades make up the Math Homework grade on report cards. Parents are encouraged to check all homework every night for correctness.

For graded homework assignments, students can redo any missed problems, turn the redo in with the original homework, and receive full credit for any problem correctly redone.

If your 5th-grade child forgot his/her math book, there is a PDF version in the Classroom Documents. Your child can find the day's lesson and do the work.

Unfortunately, the online link to the 6th-grade math textbook is no longer working. I no longer find the math book online when doing a Google search.


We did our first scientific experiment last week, and are now going over the data, and presenting our findings.

Social Studies

We will continue our studies on  The American Revolution. Once again the students will be looking up the definitions of several words and writing them in their Social Studies notebook. We will be having a test over that past few chapters on Friday.


We are in the textbook now and learning about the Realm of the Angels this week.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL week this week. Please remember to keep our class and our school in your prayers.


Mrs. Charles


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